the same is true for you

I’ve discovered that the way I express my creativity is a lot of the time simply the way I move about in this world, a body housing a soul…that soul merging with Love.

I make it so hard in my mind sometimes, analyzing, overanalyzing, when Love is like, “come, let’s play!” I’ve had this weird relationship with play as an adult. I catch myself when I go down into the deep end of my mind, treading water. And it is there that Love speaks: “you can swim to the shore and take a break, you know”, winking at me. I am embarrassed as awareness shines its healing light on this part of me that is deeply and unconditionally loved. I begin to notice what Love is noticing, and I accept this invitation to take a breather, to sunbathe on the shore while the tide comes in. I dip my toes into the cool, shallow end of the ocean of my mind and find relief for a little while. It is here that I am seeing that I really can enjoy life and embrace the idea that even in monotony and ordinary things, God is there showing herself to me, inviting me to reach down and dig out the joy she has planted deeply in my soul.

I relax again and rest in her embrace. She loves me so much. She is healing my mother wound while this is happening. While I am resting, she heals all of my wounds in that mysterious, secret place. She takes up the negative space and surges through my auric field, making her way into my physical body. It is like magic that my mind is tempted to figure out, but knows it can’t. So I let go of that and float outside of myself, exploring new concepts and ideas that Penelope finds fascinating.

I notice this is a pattern for us. I stop and pause to rest. And Love gathers up all of those big T traumas and little t traumas, and clears them away, mending my broken heart, and nudging me to open up again, to let joy be my guide, navigating us as we embark on this new adventure, this new stage of life. I realize that this is all for my good. For my freedom. And I rest in that, knowing that I can trust that Love is good and goodness, soaked in love is in every nook and cranny of creation. My spiritual sight is activated and I know that if Love is here with me, healing me, that the same is true for you.