Hello (again)

Hi, there. I’ve decided (once again) to make a blog and put myself “out there”, artistically, to the world. I blogged for a little while about a decade ago, and decided to quit, for reasons I can’t even remember fully now. All I know is that it takes great courage for anyone to share their soul in the world. So to all you bloggers out there: well done, courageous soul.

A lot has changed since then, yet much is still the same. I’ve had some major spiritual transformational shifts occur, which makes me feel like a lot has changed. It feels like the shy, intimidated, insecure, self-conscious woman I once was has practically all but vanished completely.

I suppose she will visit me every once in a while, but I no longer identify with her.

My intent for this blog is to share my heart. I am no authority, but I am passionate about spirituality and humanity, and the interconnectedness of every living being.

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